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In the current job market, most jobs need some level of digital skills. When you take this test you will get a set of questions based on the Digital Competence framework that is structured to understand your skills level in a clear manner in different aspects. When you complete the test you will get a detailed report with a description of your average level. You will be able to identify your strong and weak areas.

How does this test work?

  • Answer a few questions on basic information about your dream job and your educational level first to adapt the test to your needs
  • The actual test starts - where you select the appropriate option as an answer for each question
  • After you complete the test you will see the level of your digital skills
  • You will also get a detailed report with the description of your level

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Key Features

  • Digital Credentials Platform: Europass offers a digital platform for individuals to create, manage, and share their digital credentials, including CVs, language passports, and certificates.
  • Standardized Format: The platform employs a standardized format to ensure consistency and compatibility across different European countries.
  • Mobility and Visibility: Europass enhances mobility and visibility of skills and qualifications, facilitating recognition and validation of competencies in various European countries.
  • Multilingual Interface: The platform supports multiple languages, making it accessible to individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


  • Enhanced Employability: Europass promotes transparency of skills and qualifications, improving individuals' employability in the European job market.
  • Personalized Credentials: Users can create personalized digital credentials that showcase their unique strengths and competencies.
  • Digital Mobility: The platform enables individuals to share their credentials digitally, eliminating geographical barriers and increasing opportunities for international collaboration.

Getting Started

  • Create a Europass account and complete your personal profile.
  • Populate the relevant sections with your educational background, work experience, language skills, and other qualifications.
  • Generate and download your digital CV and other credentials.

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

  • Privacy and Data Security: Ensure you understand and follow Europass's privacy policies and data protection guidelines when using the platform.
  • Authenticity and Verification: Be diligent in providing accurate information and verifiable credentials to maintain credibility.

Potential Concerns for Using Europass:

  • Platform Access: Make sure to have a stable internet connection and compatible devices to access and use Europass effectively.
  • Familiarity and Learning Curve: Becoming familiar with the platform may require some time and learning, but the benefits of having digital credentials are significant.

Set clear communication expectations with parents and students to avoid confusion or miscommunication.