New Shores

New Shores

Educator Guide

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A game for Democracy. New Shores is a game about experimenting with different strategies while negotiating, cooperating or competing with other players who are not always sympathetic to your cause. Free to govern themselves, players can communicate and collaborate – or go through the game without giving much concern to the others. Using coal can dramatically improve the island’s development. But what will be the cost? Climate and democracy shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Your students will learn to

  • Learn and explore practices that promote sustainability
  • Discover correlation between greenhouse gases and climate change
  • Get a better understanding of the climate change mechanics
  • Practice and gain skills for effective communication and collaboration
  • Develop strategic and leadership skills
  • Learn how to set and align goals, negotiate conditions and coordinate

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Key Features

  • Explore practices promoting sustainability.
  • Discover the correlation between greenhouse gases and climate change.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of climate change mechanics.
  • Develop skills in effective communication and collaboration.
  • Enhance strategic and leadership abilities.
  • Learn to set goals, negotiate conditions, and coordinate actions.


Participants of New Shores have praised its educational value, highlighting its ability to underscore the complex relationship between social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainability. The game not only fosters conservation awareness but also promotes empathy, charitable attitudes, and active social participation.

Getting Started

New Shores is a simple and intuitive internet game that doesn't require advanced computer skills. It provides an engaging social experience, encouraging negotiation and cooperation among players.

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

Educators should be mindful of the interconnectedness of their actions and their impact on the island's well-being. Balancing personal interests with the common good becomes a key aspect of gameplay.