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An easy and intuitive project management application for yourself or teams to work together from different physical locations and help keep track of important deadlines. 

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Key Features

  • Views: View team projects from every angle with board, timeline, table, calendar, dashboard, map and workspace views. Additional views require a Premium or Enterprise account.

  • Automate: Automate your workflow with Butler. Create rules, buttons and commands to automate almost any action in Trello.

  • Power-Ups: Add featured Power-Ups including Card Repeater, Slack, Jira, two-way Card Mirror & Sync by Placker, Timeline, Calendar, Time Tracking by Planyway, Time in List by Blue Cat, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, List Limits, Read Me and Voting.

  • Templates: Copy and customize templates with templates from the Trello community. Featured categories include business, design, education, engineering, marketing, project management and remote work.

  • Integrations: Trello offers 186 integrations, allowing your team to use apps that they have already been using or discover new ways to get work done.


  • Help organise many aspects, both personal and educational.

  • Collaboration: Shared workspaces make it easy for students and teachers to work together on projects or creations

  • Cloud storage: updates immediately

  • User-friendly

How these features can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning

  • Trello is used by teams that need to lay out the tasks and responsibilities in an easy-to-read fashion so they can stay on top of them. Therefore, it can be used by a small group of students that need to work together on a project.

Getting Started

  1. Potentially visit the Guide first.

  2. Make an account on

  3. There are personal boards and team boards.

  4. Start a new board/project and name it. You can edit it and decide who it is for.

  5. Make a (to do) list en add different cards with tasks.

  6. You can tag labels, checklists, data and photos or URLs to your cards.

  7. Other members will receive a reminder when adding a date or deadline to the cards.

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

Trello is not well suited for larger teams that are working on a more complex project. Since Trello is a web-based tool. it has limited offline functionalities. For more features and capabilities, Trello has paid plans.