Educator Guide

You are exploring details about a digital tool. If you wish to understand how to apply this tool in teaching and improve your digital skills, we suggest starting with our Educator Guide.


Wikiwijs is a public and independent website for everyone involved in the Dutch education system. Here you can create, find and share digital teaching material for primary and secondary school and MBO.

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Key Features

  • Public service

  • Create and share your own lessons

  • Search lessons 

  • Collaboration in a Wikiwijs team


  • Easy access to a wide variety of lessons

How these features can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning

  • Let students explore the possible options and consequences they have.

  • Start a debate by comparing different scenarios.

  • Let the students answer questions such as: What elements change when changing the chosen slider? Why did you choose to change these measurements? Why is this slider important in the transition?

Getting Started

  • Potentially visit the Guide first

  • Log in on

  • Choose to create a lesson or share one.

  • Use tools to add text, images, videos, audio, interactive questions and tests.