Kennisnet app checker

Kennisnet app checker

Educator Guide

You are exploring details about a digital tool. If you wish to understand how to apply this tool in teaching and improve your digital skills, we suggest starting with our Educator Guide.


You want to use an app or digital application in your lesson. With this test, you can quickly and conveniently check whether you endanger the privacy of your students.

Visit website

Key Features

The website contains:

  • Information about many aspects around privacy and security for teachers and students.

  • Links to tools and other helpful websites.

  • Closed online forum for teachers and everyone involved in information security and privacy to exchange information about the topic.


  • Create a safer digital environment for your students.

  • Easy access to tips on a variety of aspects around privacy and security.

  • Receive feedback and help from others.

How these features can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning

Unsure about the safety of an app or website that you want to use in class? Use the app checker to answer a few questions about it to find out whether there are any risks. If there are, more information and insights can be found on the website.

Getting Started

  1. Go to

  2. Give the name of the app you want to use

  3. Answer the questions

  4. Get more information on how to research your app on the rest of the website

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

  • Some information is limited and very general and only reminds you of certain steps you have to take or take into account when researching your app.

  • It is based on the Dutch education system and The Netherlands.

  • There is an English version available as well.