Leaphy - Robotics for every child

Leaphy - Robotics for every child

Educator Guide

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Learning about robotica and sustainability simultaneously with a robot and accompanying teaching material that are both sustainable. Namely, this project does not only add robotica but also integrates it into the regular curriculum so that robot Leaphy Flitz is widely applicable.

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Key Features

Zoom's most important features include:

  • A Leaphy Flitz robot with replaceable parts 

  • Includes a workbook with worksheet and links to the website with instruction videos and more information

  • Up-to-date teaching material through the website including the latest digital and technical developments 

  • The workbook contains different subjects that can be worked on separately. 

  • Includes a teacher guide and training

How these features can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning

Leaphy can be used as an additional robotica program but can also be integrated in existing subjects of the current curriculum. This can be done all together in class but also by students individually. This way it can function as an extra curriculum for fast learning students. Because of the flexible workbook and worksheets, Leaphy offers an introduction into robotica for everyone by providing different ways to use it in a variety of subjects and themes.


  • Students can work together or individually 

  • Making robotica and programming accessible for all students by introducing it through different subjects 

  • Increases interest of students in technology and the business sector 

  • Increases the awareness of both teachers and students about sustainable initiatives and possibilities in the busines sector as well as technological innovations.

Getting Started

  1. Build Leaphy Flitz using the instructions and videos to help you

  2. Open your workbook to a subject appeals to you

  3. Work on the exercises

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

  • Take time exploring the possibilities of working with Leaphy Flitz, it is a long-term commitment. However, the teacher’s training and guide will help you do this and you will get used to integrating it in your curriculum.