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Routekaart Duurzaam Onderwijs

Educator Guide

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This roadmap is applicable to every educational level and offers schools a chance to create their own unique vision and strategy for implementing sustainability in education and school management.

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Key Features

  • Framework for strategic sustainable development or “natural step framework”.

  • For school leaders and teachers.

  • ABCD model: a step by step guided process to developing your own and concrete strategies.


  • Whole-School Approach: Involves the entire school community, fostering a culture of sustainability and shared responsibility.

  • Sustainability Education: Provides a platform to help schoolleaders and teachers with a structured approach to sustainability education for their students about environmental issues and sustainable solutions.

Getting Started

  1. Go to: and follow the steps.

  2. Join the hub ( to learn from and help each other.

Considerations and potential concern of using the tool

  • This roadmap is a tool for school leaders and teachers, developed from the desire to contribute to further embedding sustainability in education. We provide as many handles as possible to help you get started with the roadmap yourself, but would like to emphasize that the experience of process guidance by people (possibly external) who are trained in guiding these processes cannot be captured in this roadmap.

  • The roadmap is set up in an evidence-informed manner. We distinguish between models (scientifically substantiated with source references) and our own experiences that we present in tips and tricks.