Routekaart Duurzaam Onderwijs

This roadmap is applicable to every educational level and offers schools a chance to create their own unique vision and strategy for implementing sustainability in education and school management.

Energie Manager Online (EMO)

An energymonitoring tool that will help your school decreasing its energy consumption. This website shows the daily consumption and costs of gas and electricity. This way students can track the changes by changing their actions.

Leaphy - Robotics for every child

Learning about robotica and sustainability simultaneously with a robot and accompanying teaching material that are both sustainable. Namely, this project does not only add robotica but also integrates it into the regular curriculum so that robot Leaphy Flitz is widely applicable.


C-roads is a policy simulator that allows users to test and visualize the long-term impacts of climate strategies across distinct regional groups. It demonstrates how climate actions from different countries or regions affects future outcomes such as temperature change.

Climate Reanalyzer

Climate reanalyzer is a platform for visualizing a wide array of weather and climate datasets and models. It is an interactive visualization including tools with which to manipulate and display them.