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Stichting Technotrend

Stichting Technotrend is a Dutch non-profit organization that focuses on making education more sustainable and innovative. They work with schools, teachers, and students to develop and implement sustainable projects and educational programs. Their main goal is to inspire young people to become more conscious and active about sustainability, technology and innovation. The organization offers a wide range of services, such as educational consultancy, project development and implementation, teacher training, and educational materials. Stichting Technotrend aims to create a more sustainable and innovative future, and believes that education is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

Link: https://stichtingtechnotrend.nl/

Address: Kanaalweg 86, 3533 HG Utrecht, Netherlands


The Energy Challenges Foundation

The Energy Challenges Foundation has been organising Energy Challenges in schools in primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands for more ten years now, campaigns to save energy by raising awareness of energy consumption and saving energy through minor technical interventions. In recent years, more than 235 schools have participated in the Energy Challenges in the Netherlands, reaching more than 50,000 children. In the international project 2IMPREZS (Energy Challenges) 144 schools in 5 countries are participating (The UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are involved.) SEC also participating in several Erasmus+ projects, Digitech, CIEP, Energy Student and the Alesund Projects Part A. With partners from Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Belgium and Turkey.

The Energy Challenges Foundation is located in Cuijk and employs people in different regions who carry out the challenges at schools in those regions. Since 2019 the foundation has an ANBI-status.

Link: https://www.energychallenges.nl/

Address: Spinding 5 5431 SN Cuijk, Netherlands



The European Institute for Innovation – Technology (EIfI-Tech) is a pan European organisation with an office located in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
The European Institute for Innovation – Technology supports regions to adapt in response to the fast pace of development, thus making them more competitive, across a range of industrial sectors. The EIfI - Tech through its national, regional and transnational work, acts as a stimulator for economic activity, primarily dedicated to technological advances.

EIfI-Tech have success fully worked on numerous successful EU and national projects, across a range of different funding programmes and themes.

Link: https://eifi-tech.eu/

Address: Universitätspark 1/1, 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany


Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi (BOSEV)

Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi (BOSEV) was founded as an umbrella structure in 2009 by a group of professionals working in the medical and education field, additionally from other sectors like Higher Education, VET, Adult, School education, sports, business world, and ICT. BOSEV aims to support research developments in all areas with its rich staff capacity and high-profile background. In regards to this aim, BOSEV hosts publications with periodical scientific and sectoral magazines; has 50 management board professionals and 100 members providing ongoing, varied voluntary support; and transfers experience and capacity of over 1000 staff. BOSEV is a pioneer in innovative initiatives and digital technologies. BOSEV is one of the first organizations that started to provide mobile home-care services, additional medical support services in rural areas as well as digital education services. BOSEV representing also a network including Schools, Regional authorities, CSOs, Companies, etc which makes it possible to reach target groups defined in the application form. BOSEV has also activities ongoing in local to give a contribution to community-based developments with the network members, local authorities, and stakeholders.

BOSEV has close interactions with universities, and private and public entities in Turkey. BOSEV provides various services to universities, and public and private companies, such as training, mentorship as well as digital support services. BOSEV also provides scholarships to new undergraduate and graduate students. In addition to scholarships for university students, BOSEV provides the following training for them to become successful individuals in their business life.

BOSEV aims to strengthen different innovative education programs within the scope of the DIGITECH project which aims to train our students and students living in our region with an approach to environmental and climate issues from a socio-technical perspective, which also aims to develop and strengthen the digital skills of our teachers, with pilot applications in schools. We care about supporting our teachers with content in the acquisition of digital competencies, the importance of which has been understood once again, especially in the post-Covid-19 process.

Link: http://bosev.org/

Address: Hacı Bayram Mahallesi Eşme Sokak No:2 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey


Tolosaldea LHII

Tolosaldea LHII is a Basque a public- funded Vocational Education Training school located in the Basque Country. As an institution which tries to satisfy the needs and the demands our society, environment and our companies; we are really committed with sustainability and Agenda 2030 issues. At the same time, we givea lot of importance to digital transformation in education. We have been running several international and European programmes as well as Erasmus+ projects with partners from different countries. We want to offer a training based on values and to be a reference centre which faces the challenges that lie ahead. We have been awarded with different Quality Awards, among them the 2013 "Sustainable School" certificate.

Link: https://tolosaldea.hezkuntza.net/eu/inicio

Address: Santa Luzia 17, 20400 Tolosa, Gipuzkoa, Spain